Monday, September 17, 2007

And then there were two

In case you don't follow college football in the slightest, you may not have heard that Demetrius Jones has decided to leave Notre Dame and will enroll at Northern Illinois. He let the coaching staff know in that classy way that only Notre Dame can achieve -- he silently didn't show up for the team's bus trip to Ann Arbor.

So, in a season in which Charlie Weis started off with four quarterbacks, he now has only two at the end of Week 3. Maybe you've heard of one. But if you haven't, his name is Jimmy Clausen and I heard a rumor somewhere that he might be the second coming of Christ. And then there's Evan Sharpley, whose only chance at seeing any more playing time this season is if a linebacker snaps Clausen in two (just like a crisp Clausen pickle). Given the performance of ND's O-line this season, though, Sharpley is probably praying Clausen stays in one piece.

But it gets better. Jones told the South Bend Tribune that he was misled by Charlie Weis. No way. I can't believe it. He must be joking! I mean, Charlie Weis is the most honest, angelic soul I've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. Behind Bill Belichick, of course.

And so says the Tribune, via

"When I heard Jimmy was the No. 1 all the way through spring and that the only thing that was keeping him out of the lineup was his surgery, well that's not what I was led to believe going into the summer," Jones told the South Bend Tribune for a story Monday. "I thought I was getting a chance because coach Weis believed in me. Then I didn't know what to believe anymore.''

So much for the whole team knowing the quarterback depth order during summer practice, eh, Charlie?

Best wishes to Demetrius as he moves on to Northern Illinois. They seem to need as much help as the Irish do, but I'd rather see the Huskies get it instead.

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