Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 4 College Football Synopsis

Here we go again. A bunch of shake-ups happening in the middle-lower end of the pack this week. Doesn't really matter though as the top 10 stayed the same...minus that team that was at #10.

Anyway, I'll get the boring stuff out of the way first and talk about the ACC. Cupcakes Duke and UNC lost to Navy and USF, respectively. Duke could have had their 2nd win of the year if they didn't choke their game away. BC beat another military academy and WF needed OT to put down the Terps. Miami restored just a little bit of cred to the ACC in beating the ranked Aggies of TAMU.

With that, we'll transition into TAMU's conference, the Big 12. OK weekend I suppose. OU, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, and Mizzou beat the crap out of their opponents. Nebraska barely edged out Ball State somehow though Ball State likes the spoiler roll...remember when they almost beat UM last year? Iowa State, where do I begin. The usual losing to terrible teams continued this week as they fell to a previously winless team from Toledo by fumbling the ball late in their own endzone. I think it's safe to say Iowa State only cares when they're playing the Hawkeyes.

Big East was pretty quiet this weekend. We learned that Louisiville might as well put a Pee-Wee team 's defense out on the field. They'd do just as good, if not better, than what they have right now. UConn went out to Pittsburgh and embarrassed the Panthers on their home turf. Same old, same old with Cincy, USF and WVU rolling as RU had the weekend off.

Pac-10 yielded no surprises as well. The teams that were supposed to win did as USC, UCLA, ASU, OU and Cal all winning with limited difficulty. Unfortunately, nothing really to make fun of there.

Same can pretty much be said about the SEC. Florida did have some trouble but finally won a game in Mississippi by edging out Ole Miss. South Carolina gave LSU a fight, but not enough of one as LSU won one in Death Valley. Kentucky proved that they're legit by sticking it to the Hogs at Arkansas, outscoring them 28-9 in the second half. Georgia pulled off a semi-upset by defeating the higher ranked Tide in Tuscaloosa. It took overtime but at least the Bulldogs knocked Saban off his pedestal.

And last but probably not least (at least with the ACC around), the Big Ten. OSU beat the living daylights out of Northwestern...then again NW did lose to Duke last week. Illinois is looking pretty good after defeating the Hoosiers in Bloomington by a couple scores. Notre Dame continued their futility by falling at home to Michigan State while Purdue handled Minnesota with ease. Wisconsin was lucky to squeeze by Iowa, continuing to prove that they're probably overrated quite a bit. And now, the game that I don't even want to talk about...PSU v. UM. I'd have to say, that was more PSU losing than Michigan winning. PSU looked like garbage. Play calling was garbage, red zone offense was garbage, Morelli was garbage, Austin Scott was garbage, etc. etc. Regardless, Michigan has a quality football team. Or at least they have a quality running back in Mike Hart. They can probably just ride him to victory in most of their games this year. He's that good.

Anyway, enough rambling about PSU frustrations. You get that enough on this site. Until someone in the top 5-6 loses this year, things will be relatively quiet. Don't be surprised to see that happen soon as conference play starts to get in full swing.

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