Saturday, September 1, 2007

PSU vs. Florida Interns - 1st qtr.

12:02 - JoePa runs out on the field with the team, and looks like he hasn't lost a step. Really good to see him back on the field.

12:16 - 7-0 PSU. After a three and out by the Interns, we get good field position, and a long pass to Butler sets up a 5 yd TD pass to Terrell Golden.

12:24 - The Interns fumble the kickoff giving PSU the ball at the 35, but we do nothing with it. Austin Scott and the O-line look terrible so far. New punter Boone's first attempt is unsuccessful, landing straight in the end zone for a touchback.

12:28 - Another Interns fumble, this time the QB. Dan Connor pounces on it, and we have the ball at the 20. All three possessions have started on the FIU side of the field. Of course, the QB-center exchange gets muffed on the very next play, but fullback Hahn pounces on it so we keep the ball. I'm sure this isn't news, but it looks like the defense will be carrying the team this year.

12:52 - Lot to cover since the last commercial. TE Mickey Shuler caught a TD pass to make the score 14-0...The Interns fumbled again, this time a beautiful strip by Sean Lee, who I think will have a big year....We did not take advantage of the turnover, as Kevin Kelly missed a 51 yard FG attempt (no surprise there).....Kinlaw gets the ball stripped and the Interns are driving now. Along the way, Derrick Williams dropped a ball, but made up for it with a nice diving catch a couple plays later.

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