Saturday, September 1, 2007

PSU vs. Interns - 3rd qtr.

2:23 - Interns fumble a punt return giving us field position at the 25. From there, Austin Scott had a nice TD run from 8 yards out. 31-0 now, and if the Michigan game was available here, I'd be switching to that. I think the goal for the rest of the game is to get it over as quickly as possible so we can see the end of the Michigan game.

2:29 - Finally getting the ground game going!! A couple nice carries by Scott, a nice screen pass to Rodney Kinlaw, and then Kinlaw takes in from the 15. 38-0.
App State 31, Michigan 20.

3:00 - Two more touchdowns, Matt Hahn caught a pass and Evan Royster had a few nice runs, including a TD. Both QB's have been pulled, and so I think I'll retire the live-blog early. 52-0 Penn State, good performance today. Michigan has cut it to 5, so we'll see how that goes.

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