Saturday, September 1, 2007

Greatest Upset...Ever?........and more PSU

As the PSU score got more and more ridiculous, my attention was leaning more towards Ann Arbor, where I-AA champion Appalachian State was giving the Wolverines all they could handle. When I last left you they were actually up 31-26. Michigan scored a touchdown after that to go ahead 32-31, but the PSU game ended just in time for the Big Ten Network to cut to the final 2 minutes at the Big House. Applachian State drove right down the field to the 5 yard line, where they had a first down with 30 seconds left and the clock stopped. They made a questionable decision to kick the field goal, putting them up 2 but giving the Wolverines way too much time to come back. Thanks to a long pass from Henne to Manningham, they got the ball on the 20 with just a few seconds left. But the field goal attempt was BLOCKED, and the Mountaineers from Boone, NC pulled off the shocker! Absolutely incredible to watch, and the stunned silence of the Michigan fans was priceless.

So what does this mean for Penn State? Well, it seems that this opens up the possibility for the u-word. I dont wanna say that word, but it last happened in 1994. Let's go through the rest of the schedule:

Notre Dame - should win (not looking good so far against GA Tech)
Buffalo - should win easily
at Michigan - if App State could beat them in their house, so could we
at Illinois - should win, even though Illini are improved
Iowa - should win
Wisconsin - tough game, but home crowd gives us advantage
at Indiana - should win
Ohio State - see Wisconsin
Purdue - should win at home
at Temple - should win easily
at Michigan State - should win

So...I don't wanna jinx anything but this has the potential to be a very memorable season for the blue and white.

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