Friday, September 7, 2007

I-AA's in the AP poll

The AP poll has recently announced that they will allow I-AA (yes, they're called I-AA and only I-AA...) teams into their college football polls. While it sounds really cool on the surface, I believe it is knee-jerk reaction to the ASU v. UM debacle last weekend. When it comes right down to it, no I-AA team should ever legitimately enter that poll unless they can beat at least a few I-A teams. Seeing a team like Appalachian State ranked #25 would no doubt be neat to see, but do you really think that they are capable of beating all other 95 I-A teams? People are just trumpeting up ASU to the max and this is a result of it. I have teetered back on forth on whether or not they would be worthy of a ranking and ultimately decided against it for those aforementioned reasons. But hey, if they go undefeated this year, maybe, just maybe I'll consider ranking them in the final poll.

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