Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week 2 College Football Synopsis

We'll start out on Thursday where Louisville struggled to put away Middle Tennessee State until the second half. If you're a BCS-conference front runner, that's pretty bad. Especially when you have a Heisman front-runner at QB. Especially if the team you're playing got beat up by Florida Atlantic the week before. Louisville did limit the Blue Raiders to a touchdown in the second half but giving up 35 to them in the first half is completely unacceptable. They need to find a defense or WVU, RU and perhaps USF and Cincy will give them plenty of problems.

Sticking with the Big East, Cincy absolutely stuck it to Oregon State and Rutgers looked impressive in their win over Navy as Ray Rice set the team record for career rushing yards. On Saturday, USF pulled off arguably the biggest upset in college football this year (between two I-A teams of course) by defeating Auburn in their own house, proving that nobody can take the Big East lightly anymore. They have 5 teams that hang in there and that's about 5 more than people thought they would have once BC, Miami and VT bolted for the now pitiful ACC.

To continue on how much the ACC sucks, they pretty much got embarrassed this weekend. While LSU is an incredible football team, what happened to this amazing VT defense last night? LSU picked them apart en route to scoring 48 points on them. I believed Miami might surprise some people this year. Not so much after Oklahoma smashed them 51-13. 20 of those points came in the 4th quarter perhaps showing that Miami does have some quit in them. Clemson and GT both smashed their cupcake opponents but Duke and UNC still are cupcakes. UNC somehow found a way to lose to East Carolina. I still don't understand why there's an East Carolina and West Carolina but I do know that they could probably beat those two teams in football on any given day. Nebraska won a nail biter in Winston-Salem showing that Wake Forest isn't really that bad. But they shouldn't be that bad considering they won the ACC last year. Oh and Florida State was losing at halftime (and only won by 10) against a UAB team that lost 55-18 last week to Michigan State.

I'm not gonna lie, I honestly don't really care about the Big 12. I just know every time I see Iowa State's score, they're losing to some terrible team. Oklahoma and Texas both looked pretty good though (along with other teams that beat up on scrubs ie Kansas). TAMU needed 3 OTs to beat home. Guess the 12th man never showed up.

Not really sure what to make of the SEC after this weekend other than the fact that LSU is the best team in it. I'm definitely puzzled as to how the Bulldogs fell to the Ol' Ball Coach at home. I'm thinking its more of Georgia being overrated more than the other USC being good. Tebow led Florida in rushing. All is well in Gator Nation.

Washington might be a little better than people initially thought...or Boise State might be worse. Either way, Washington has looked quite good in their first two games this year. As I mentioned before the Beavers got humiliated but California almost did too. Gotta beat CSU by more than 6 if you're a top 10 team. It's not the Pac-10 but what happened to Hawaii? You'd think with all the offense they recruit they'd be able to convince some defenders to come out to the islands. Apparently not. Hawaii was one play away from losing to Louisiana Tech in their WAC opener. Which brings up another point...Hawaii and Louisiana Tech are in the same conference??? According to Google Earth, the two campuses are roughly 4,000 miles apart.

And now to the conference that I care about most, the Big Ten. Penn State looked kinda iffy to me against Notre Dame. It took a little too long for them to figure out how to stop a screen play Notre Dame must have ran at least 6-7 times. Regardless, the D just allowed a field goal on the night, 4 points less than Morelli allowed to them. I love how Morelli whines and complains every time people say he can't read defenses. Well, people say that for a reason. He really can't. Every once in a while he shows some flashes of brilliance but he makes stupid decisions way too much. Teams like Ohio State and Wisconsin will destroy PSU if Morelli does not get his act together fast. That being said, I definitely think ND can go into Ann Arbor next week and win, especially if Henne is out. I am truly baffled as to what is going on there with the Wolverines. I understand their defense has issues, but only 7 points? With all their weapons, even with Henne down, just one touchdown is crazy. Ohio State and Wisconsin both won, but both wins were pretty unimpressive. Gotta beat down Akron and UNLV (respectively) a little more than what they did. The Big Ten went 10-1 yesterday as the rest of the conference mainly beat up on lesser opponents.

Well, it was certainly an interesting week in college football. Surprises across the board, as usual. I am certainly interested to see in what direction some of these conferences go as plenty of front runners are beginning to fall.

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