Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NFL Hot 12

Much like multiple media outlets "Power Rankings", Sports Fountainhead is introducing their week-by-week rankings of the best 12 teams in the NFL via the "NFL Hot 12" (credit Steely McDonati for the name). They go like this: each of the writers submit their top 12 NFL teams. A division winner is selected as are 2 wild cards for each conference. The teams are applied points like the College Football polls (in this case, a team ranked #1 receives 60 points for each #1 vote; it decreases by 5 points for each rank; a #2 vote receives 55 points, and so on all the way to 12th place, which receives 1 point/vote). With this format we will be predicting the playoff seedings and matchups after every week! Check out the rankings after week 1 below the NCAA Poll on the right. We hope you enjoy!

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