Saturday, September 1, 2007

PSU vs. Interns - 2nd qtr.

12:58 - Jerome Hayes gets a big sack on 3rd down forcing the Interns to punt. Some students painted their chests to spell out "PARACHUTE", making light of JoePa's comments last evening. I have a feeling that pack your parachute might become a trendy saying on campus this semester. Oh yeah, stats after one quarter, only 9 rushing yards for PSU and only 3 first downs.

1:09 - Kudos to the new coach of the Interns, Mario Cristobal. In delicious to sounding like a delicious Hispanic dish, he is looking rather sharp in a shirt and tie. Of course, JoePa's outdoing him on the other sideline with a full out blazer, but I like seeing coaches that dress up for their teams. Anybody that knows me knows that I am the kind of guy that notices how awesome uniforms are. The interns uniforms are...ok. They're not tacky like most of the lower echelon teams, but they don't exactly inspire anyone either.

1:18 - Kevin Kelly makes a field goal!!! From 45 yards!!!! Hurrah!!!! He is another guy who needs to improve from last year if we are to go big places.

1:29 - Nice touchdown drive by the Lions. A couple third and long situations which Morelli got out of with good throws. Austin Scott jumped it in from the 1, and hopefully that plunge can give him and the line more confidence. PSU 24, Interns 0.

1:31 - A little note about the Big Ten Network coverage here. I think they're doing like 5 games simultaneously here, and I don't know what's happening in any of them. You'd think they'd keep their viewers updated on Big Ten scores?

1:40 - And this is why. After a huge roar from the PSU crowd, the announcers say that Appalachian State is up on Michigan by a couple touchdowns. SERIOUSLY?! Tell us that now!

1:44 - It's halftime. JoePa states it best, saying the Interns are playing hard, our offense is sloppy, and we can't run the ball, but hey we're winning. True. Can't be too picky up 24. Back for the second half when I find out what the hell's going on in Ann Arbor.

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