Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week 4 College Football Outlook

Lou Holtz and Mark May seem to have tons of fun predicting games, so I figure I'll give it a shot. Winners in bold.

#12 South Carolina @ #2 LSU
-LSU is just too good for the Gamecocks

#10 Penn State @ Michigan
-It pains me to pick this but I don't think Morelli will be able to cut it and I think Hart could just have a field day against our D-Line. Regardless, it should be very close.

#22 Georgia @ #16 Alabama
-Despite choking away a 21 point lead, Alabama got propelled from unranked to #16. Georgia brings them back to Earth, winning by a TD.

Michigan State @ Notre Dame
-Until Notre Dame shows me anything, I'd pick Appalachian State over them.

#21 Kentucky @ Arkansas
-Kentucky is good but they just fully exposed a porous Louisville D last Saturday. McFadden carries the Hogs to victory.

Illinois @ Indiana
-Indiana has shown fewer flaws so far and plays at home, giving them the edge.

Purdue @ Minnesota
-And this is a nationally televised prime-time game because...?

Northwestern @ #8 Ohio State
-Northwestern lost to Duke last home. What more do you need to know?

North Carolina @ #23 USF
-It will be intriguing to see if USF lets the ranking get to their head but I think they just have too much talent to lose to this ACC cupcake.

Iowa @ #9 Wisconsin
-Ok, so this is basically a hunch but keep in mind that despite the fact Iowa lost to pitiful Iowa State last week, they're still the only team not to give up a TD in all of I-A.

Washington @ UCLA
-I'd give UCLA the edge, mainly because they have the most to be afraid of if they lose again after falling to Utah 44-6.

Washington State @ #1 USC
-ABC has either this or Iowa v. Wisconsin to choose from. Here's to hoping its the Big Ten matchup.

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