Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Penn State game?

First I'd like to apologize for my lack of postings. Classes have already begun to take their toll and I see no relief in site for quite sometime. I am contributing to our glorious rankings though which has been fun (Miami is a sleeper this year...you watch...finally got them in the poll this week).

As I an my friends started exiting the stands from our 59-0 blowout win over FIU, we were encountered by an enormous mob of people (at least a few thousand) huddled around a small TV on the wall. It was literally impossible to leave the stadium because of the crowd but it was for a worthy cause. Everyone was going crazy watching the Michigan v. Appalachian State football game. At that point in time, that game was the only thing that mattered to thousands of fans in Beaver Stadium.

It was a particularly unique situation. I got there just as Appalachian blocked the first field goal. At that point, things were pretty bleak as the Mountaineers were down by one and had about a good 40 yards to move before getting into comfortable field goal range. It was one of those moments where you wanted so badly to see the upset happen but deep down inside you knew it wasn't going to happen. However, to my surprise, App. State marched all the way down to the Michigan red zone. I was extremely upset, however, that the Mountaineers elected to immediately kick the field goal. Well, either way, Michigan got the ball back, and hit a bomb all the way to the App State 20 which left the crowd silent. However, it once again erupted as the final field goal attempt was blocked. Everyone surrounding the TV was going crazy shouting pro-ASU and negative UM chants left and right. We all knew we had witnessed something historic and for that moment, we all forgot that we had just watch a game ourselves. It was an experience I will never forget as it is one that will likely never be duplicated.

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