Saturday, September 1, 2007

PSU vs. Florida Interns - LIVEBLOG!!!

The old adage goes, when life brings you lemons, make lemonade.

As a 5th year senior here at Penn State, this is the first year I will be unable to be at Beaver Stadium for the home games. It is quite depressing being around this town and not being able to go to the games. But, rather than focus on what I don't have, I'll focus on what I do have: cable. Cable that includes the brand new Big Ten Network (which I may have made an appearance on last night) and an Internet connection. That can mean only one thing: Live blog. A concept first popularized by Bill Simmons, and now done all over the Internet blogosphere. This will be SFH's first attempt.

Since there's still a half hour till gametime, I'll comment on Penn State Football Eve last night, since I'm sure people like Joey Mays Hays are curious as to how it went. It was normal, they taught the freshmen how to scream and all the Blue Band songs and stuff. They gave away Notre Dame tickets...they had three loser freshmen try to kick an extra point to win a $1000 gift card to Sheetz (which is an amazing prize, but anyone who went to this school can tell you it's impossible/impractical for freshmen to get themselves to a Sheetz), but they all missed horribly.

Then JoePa and the team came out. JoePa was even older than the last time we've seen him. Among his comments...he sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way"....he talked about how he had to get home early to pack his parachute.....and he said something about how he's thankful that Anthony Morelli is an Italian that's able to throw something other than daggers. So yeah...that's JoePa for you.

Oh yeah, I got a free t-shirt.

Oh yeah, they couldn't fit the words "Florida International" on the scoreboard, so it just says "Florida Intern". So throughout the game, I will refer to them as the Interns.

I will be back at 12. LETS GO STATE!

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