Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Grades: Overview

The 2009 NFL Draft is over. How did your team do? While I'm sure your opinion will be at least slightly different than mine, I will be offering up my take on how all 32 NFL teams fared during this year's "NFL Player Selection Meeting". Before starting with my team recaps and grades (first two out tomorrow), let's get a little information on how this will work.

It is said over and over again that you can't truly grade a draft class until the players have participated in 3 full NFL seasons. So why do we do them? Well it's something to do during the football doldrums. May through July, and much of August, is a boring time to be a football fan. Sure there are minicamps, OTAs, training camp, and preseason games but nothing compares to Sunday's in the fall. Another reason for the grades is because we spend so much time predicting what will happen we need to recap it somehow and the best way to do that is to grade the team based on perceived needs and value.

But that's where my grades will be a tad different. Teams draft players for two reasons: their talent (current or potential) and team needs. Why don't we grade them both ways? Talent is predicted; we don't know how each individual player will fare, hence needing to wait three seasons to properly evaluate a class. However we do know what each team needs. Evaluationg both instances we can get a better grasp on how a team did in the draft.

Many sites already do this but it's convoluted and condensed. I will try to evaluate both categories for each team. There will be a grade for each category, talent and need, then a final overall grade.

I'll be going in 1st round order, negating any trades. Here's a bit of a preview that will give you an idea of when I'll get to your team...

4/30/2009 - Overview
5/1/2009 - Lions & Rams
5/4/2009 - Chiefs & Seahawks
5/5/2009 - Browns & Bengals
5/6/2009 - Raiders & Jaguars
5/7/2009 - Packers & 49ers
5/8/2009 - Bills & Broncos
5/11/2009 - Redskins & Saints
5/12/2009 - Texans & Chargers
5/13/2009 - Jets & Bears
5/14/2009 - Buccaneers & Cowboys
5/15/2009 - Eagles & Vikings
5/18/2009 - Patriots & Falcons
5/19/2009 - Dolphins & Ravens
5/20/2009 - Colts & Panthers
5/21/2009 - Giants & Titans
5/22/2009 - Cardinals & Steelers
5/25/2009 - Recap



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