Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Good Men: Looking for Bloggers

As you all have probably been aware, I have been holding down this place all by myself for the last 8 months or so. While my other contributors have been lazy with something called work and/or graduate school, I have been trying to provide some form of content to the massive (read: few) readers that this site draws in. What slackers!

Until I came up with a monthly schedule (and actually stuck to it) Sports Fountainhead was registering months with only 11, 13, and 8 posts. Unacceptable. I'd love for the site to be averaging three or more posts a day with a goal of close to 100 posts per month. Though I have maintained a decent pace the last few months it won't last forever. That's where maybe you come in.

I'm looking to add one or two bloggers to provide content daily. Ideally I'd like to add someone with a passion for hockey because that is one thing that I don't keep up with on the site. I'm a big Flyers fan but Penn State, the Dolphins, and the Phillies get most of my attention. Let's do a list of wanted/requirements for a new blogger, it's easier that way.

  • Daily posting - I want someone that will contribute at least once per day. That's ~30 posts/month. It can be a simple but informative link list like my Around the Interwebs, a game review, or a researched post. Whatever. Just some content that the readers will enjoy.
  • Love of sports - If you're here I assume you already qualify. Why else would you read someone rant and rave about future draft choices or how much they hate New England?
  • Previous experience NOT REQUIRED - When I started this blog I didn't have any previous experience. I just knew I had my own opinions on sports topics and was interested in statistics. You don't need to have previous published writing experience. As long as you sound intelligent in text you'll do fine. Steely McDonati stretched my limits at times but if he can manage anyone can... just kidding Steely.
  • PA/northeast focus preferred - I'd like to keep this space centered around northeast sports but that isn't a dealbreaker. It might be interesting to have a contributor writing about the ACC or SEC.
Simple. If you are looking to spend an hour a day writing for a sports blog, drop me an email at sportsfountainhead@gmail.com. We'll get into more specifics then.

Of course E, TAS, JRAFF, and Steely are all welcome backat any time... i guess.

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