Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lions Make Stafford #1 Pick

The Detroit Lions and QB Matthew Stafford agreed in principle to a 6-year, $72 million deal. $41.7 million of that is guaranteed.

MY TAKE: Now despite my past mocks and the stance I've taken on the QBs in the 2009 class, I believe Stafford will be a solid pro. Is he going to be the guy that can make Detroit relevant again? Possibly. He has the tools to win games. I did not think the Lions should take him because of the talent they have to surround him, which is extremely limited. Detroit should have, in my opinion, gone with Aaron Curry or Jason Smith/Eugene Monroe to rebuild the defense or offensive line. Then in 2010 - when the Lions pick in the Top 10 again - they take Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, or Tim Tebow. If the Lions sit Stafford for at least the first 6-10 games (better yet, a full season) he'll have a higher chance to succeed.

I juest wanted to clarify that I am not a Stafford hater. Quite the opposite. I just am of the football mind that you must have a cast to support your QB. Detroit doesn't have that yet and now they have guaranteed someone yet to play a down in the NFL more money than most veterans. It's a risky move.

Now, I am against Sanchez. I think he is the product of the media and he is being overvalued big time by NFL teams. He's played only 16 college games. Ryan Leaf, the second coming.

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