Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Programming Note

I am back to my normal schedule which means a normal schedule will resume here shortly. To round out the rest of April (and the beginning of May) I've moved around my daily posts a bit.

Monday - NFL Draft Averages Recap
Tuesday - Nittany Lions in the Pros
Wednesday - Around the Interwebs
Thursday - NFL Draft Analysis
Friday - NFL Draft Averages Recap
Saturday - Penn State Update
Sunday - Phillies Update

Later today I'll be publishing my final (for real this time) look at former Penn State players in the pros. The last position to be analyzed is quarterback.

Tomorrow (and for Wednesday's throughout May) will be my weekly Penn State football link dump where I highlight what has been going on "around the interwebs".

Starting Thursday will be my draft "grades", where I will attempt to say how I think each team did in the 2009 NFL draft. There will actually be two "grades" for each team. More information on how I am "grading" will be available on Thursday. Up first? The AFC East, naturally.

Friday's (and Monday's) I'll look back on my NFL Draft Averages to see how my predictions fared by position.

Over the weekend will be regularly scheduled PSU Update followed on Sunday with a quick Phillies Update.

Of course with NLIPs ending today, things may be shuffled again soon. Stay tuned.

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