Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Next Rod Woodson?

The Miami Dolphins selected Illinois CB Vontae Davis with the 25th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Davis, arguably the best true CB in the draft, is said to have a big ego and hates practicing. His former head coach at Illinois, Ron Zook, isn't sure where this nonsense started but he blames himself a bit.

Back in October Zook disciplined Davis because he felt as though he wasn't practicing at a high level. In the span of six months that little incident steamrolled into a monster that let the talented player drop all the way to the end of the first round. What does Zook have to say about Davis?

"He worked as hard as anyone I've coached. Vontae is a great person, will do whatever he's asked. He's very coachable, was well-respected here. When the rumor came out about failing a drug test, even our players said no way he would do that."
Those failed drug test rumors were false, unlike the accusations against Florida WR Percy Harvin. Despite failing the combine drug test Harvin was still selected before Davis, being selected 22nd overall by the Minnesota Vikings.

Zook has been a football coach for 30 years, including time in the NFL. During his tenure he believes that Davis has uncanny athletic ability that mirrors Hall of Fame DB Rod Woodson. That's high praise.

Zook believes Davis can start from Day One and could become an All-Pro.

Miami would be thrilled to land a player of that caliber.

And, in a year or two, 24 teams may be wishing to redo the 2009 draft.

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