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NFL Draft Averages - FBs

To get all of this draft analysis done before April 25 I'll be posting two positions per day on Sunday's and Wednesday's. I have previously covered QBs and RBs. The third installment focuses on the FBs, a largely forgotten contingent of crazy men. Why crazy? FB may be the least glamorous position and all the day is throw their bodies around throughout the game. To me that's crazy. Some people are just made for it and take great pride in it.

Since the position isn't held in high regard it is largely left dormant during the draft, saved for a few premiere prospects. Below are the statistics and averages for FBs in the draft from 1999 through 2008.

Draft trends for FBs (1999-2008).

Only 42 FBs have been drafted over the last 10 years, an average of just four per draft. That doesn't bode well for the many collegiate players hoping to go pro at the smash mouth, old-school position. When the position is drafted its drafted late. Only one FB since 1999 was drafted in the second round (Rob Konrad, Syracuse by Miami). The position gets the most attention in the middle and late rounds. You'll probably see one go in the fourth through seventh rounds. Most FBs find work as UDFAs. How is the class shaping up for 2009?

Based on the FB averages, only two are definitely expected to be drafted with another two being likely. Six more are borderline. The rest? Better have a good agent because you're fighting with a majority of the prospects to find a home somewhere on the 27th. Below is how Michael Abromowitz ranks this years FB crop. I have slotted them into their appropriate category.

Will Be Picked

Quinn Johnson, LSU

Tony Fiammetta, Syracuse

Should Be Picked

Brannon Southerland, Georgia

Eric Kettani, Navy


Brock Bolen, Louisville

Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M

Conredge Collins, Pittsburgh

Brian Toal, Boston College


Marquez Branson, Central Arkansas

Frank Summers, UNLV

David Johnson, Arkansas State

Dan Lawlor, Penn State

A few quick notes. Eric Kettani will not be drafted due to his service requirement by the Navy. He could be joining the NFL in 2011; Abromowitz really likes him as a player. Brian Toal was a LB at Boston College. However, due to his size he most likely will have to switch to SS or FB.

MY PREDICTION: I think the 2009 draft will shape up to be a little above average at the FB position. I'm predicting five to be selected during the seven rounds, which would be the most since 2003 in which 10 were selected. No one is a real stud but you have a bunch of solid guys worth a fourth or fifth round pick.

UP NEXT: This 2009 class lacks real difference makers at the to it seems. But it may be one of the deepest classes in years. After the RB and FB positions demonstrated this, expect much of the same from the TEs, which will be profiled on Tuesday morning.

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