Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Philadelphia Phillies Predictions

The 2009 baseball season starts in less than two hours with an Opening Night N.L. East matchup in Philadelphia between the Braves and World F. Champion Phillies.

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On the mound for the 2008 World Champions will be Brett Myers, making his third consecutive season opening start. Opposing him will be Atlanta's newest SP Derek Lowe, whom the Phillies got to during the 2008 NLCS last October.

So what should we, the fans, expect from our Hometown 9 in '09?

As I stated in the Macho Row preview, I see the Phillies undergoing a slight regression this season after a tremendous '08. Why? Simple.

Things went perfect last season. The defense was phenomenal, the pitching was top notch, the team was clutch, and the offense was more than adequate despite slightly underachieving. Oh and they were basically completely healthy for a full 162 games.

Though the team is as good on paper this year as last, things bound to return to normal. 2008 was abnormal. The defense and pitching were way too good, statistical anomalies. Thankfully, the offense actually was worse than expected.

The offense will rebound and put up better numbers. That will be offset by more injuries, worse defense, and some pitching mishaps. Overall, I only see a drop in two games. Finishing 90-72 should still win the N.L. East, their 3rd in a row.

Quick recap... offense better; defense, pitching, health worse; overall result is another division title and an eventual trip to the NLCS.

Where they'll lose to eventual 2009 World Champions of Baseball... the Chicago Cubs.

I'll have my division-by-division and awards predictions sometime tomorrow morning.

Enjoy Opening Night 2009.

Go Phillies.

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