Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Joe Paterno's First Year: The Questions (and Answers)

As I mentioned Thursday night, one of the Jeopardy! categories was IN JOE PATERNO'S FIRST YEAR. Naturally all of the questions had to do with 1966 and not the legendary coach or the university. Thanks to the Jeopardy! archive I have the answers and the correct question.

Answer: Secretary of State Rusk visited this capital to assure South Vietnam we wouldn't sell it out.

Question: What is Saigon?

Answer: On Dec. 18 this Dr. Seuss animated classic aired for the first time.

Question: What is How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Answer: This leader launched his Cultural Revolution.

Question: Who is Mao?

Answer: U.S. Catholic bishops did away with the rule prohibiting this on Fridays.

Question: What is eating meat?

Answer: The Tashkent agreement, signed in the USSR, ended a 17-day war between these 2 other countries of Asia

Question: What are India and Pakistan?
So there you have it!

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