Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JayPa Responds!

So yesterday morning, after Nittany Lions Assistant Coach Jay Paterno tweeted a link to a new pump-up video, I replied to him with a simple question.

@JayPaterno Is it September 5th yet?
Now, I've @ replied to a number of people on Twitter, such as Kevin McGuire from Nittanydelphia (and Macho Row), who regularly replies, as well as "celebrity" types such as draft prospect Mark Sanchez and country artist Rascal Flatts. Since the "famous" people have so many followers and can't possibly respond to every @ reply, you just assume you'll get no response. Heck, half the time you may not even want one; you're really just mentioning them.

Well Jay Paterno, with 543 followers, actually replied to me! Sweet!
@JMFlyer1454 No it's not Sept 5th yet...but we're only a few short months away. I love the season but I do need some summer down time first.
Yes, agree with the down time part. But we Penn State fans just crave football 24/7. Just wanted to let you know that, Jay, in case you weren't aware.

Thanks for responding!

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