Friday, April 24, 2009

Programming Schedule, NFL Draft Tomorrow

I have taken a trip back to my hometown to enjoy the draft with my family and friends. As I do many other things outside the realm of sports during my trip, posting will be sporadic. The normal updates for Friday through Monday will NOT be available. However, I will be active all day Saturday in conjunction with the NFL draft. I will be having a LIVE BLOG here at Sports Fountainhead, where you can get immediate draft updates and my flash judgments. I'll be posting my mock pick, who I think they should pick based on what has happened so far, and then what actually happened. The draft starts at 4 PM tomorrow and the first two rounds will most likely take 6-7 hours to complete.

So stop by Saturday afternoon and evening for real time draft updates and analysis if you can't watch the draft live! Hope to see you all tomorrow!

The LIVE BLOG will be conducted with the Cover It Live software, allowing for audience comments as well as polls, pictures, and video!

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