Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Am a Winner, Redux

Just a few weeks back I wrote on my personal blog that I had won a contest for my hobby of choice that does not have to do with sports (read: Star Wars collecting).

Well today my friends I can tell you here that I have won a contest that does have to do with sports.

I entered the Centre Daily Times' (online-only) draft contest. And won*.

Just in case the link stops working in the future, here is screen grab proof.

I win! I win!

A couple of things to get you in the know.

First, I heard about the contest through Twitter. You can follow the CDT here and their sports-only tweets here.

Second, here are the questions posed to the readers. Complete with my answers, of course.

1. How many Nittany Lions will be selected in the seven rounds of the draft?

  • 5

2. Will defensive end Aaron Maybin be a top-10 pick?

  • No

3. Who will be the first Penn State offensive lineman taken — A.Q. Shipley or Gerald Cadogan?

  • Cadogan
I nailed the first and second questions but bombed #3. Apparently a bunch of people got 2/3 but since I got the first and second one correct, I won. The questions were not worth the same amount of points apparently.

Third, yes, the announcement article says that A.Q. Shipley was the first Penn State o-lineman drafted this year. Incorrect. Rich Ohrnberger was taken 123rd overall (4th round) by the Patriots.

I'd like to thank the Centre Daily Times for hosting the contest and for sending me my prize, a book. As soon as I'm home to check out the book I'll let you all know. You care, I know you do.

*If you examine the link URL, you'll notice this was classified as "breaking news". Yes, I'm that important.

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