Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A terrible 2 days of being a fan

Hello again! It's been a while but as I sulk in a hotel room (interview tomorrow...) I can't help but be incredibly depressed at the last couple days of sports. Let's just cut to the chase...

As you may (or rather probably don't) know, I am a New Orleans Hornets fan. Last year, the team showed incredible promise by fighting the Spurs down to the wire in the Conference Semis. Many were expecting big things from them this year. Well yesterday we saw something big from them. A loss margin. The Hornets got absolutely dismantled by the Denver Nuggets 121-63. That's a 58 point loss folks. 58. 58. I have to keep typing it in to believe it. To boot, it was in New Orleans. Just wow. As a fan of the Hornets, it's in a way impossible to react. You almost just have to laugh it off. If you lose by 58 points, you know you don't belong so there's no use sulking about it. You suck. Either way, it's not an easy thing to endure as a fan.

And that brings us to this evening. I was at a friends house watching the Devils lead the Canes with about 1:30 left in Game 7, up by a goal. Then I watched them lose. In regulation. Any other game, it really sucks. In a Game 7? It's devastating. Regardless, I'd venture to say that the Devils v. Canes series will easily be the best playoff series this year. I don't know how anybody can top each team having a blow out win, both teams winning in overtime, the Devils having a vintage 1-0 win, as well as the Canes winning one game with 0.2 seconds left on top of what happened in Game 7. It was crazy.

At least the Jets have a nice future at QB and the MLB season is young...that's stuff to look forward to...

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